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Bi-Metal Self-Drilling Screws: Revolutionising Metal Fabrication

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Connecting two sheets of stainless steel material can be problematic for a number of reasons. Self-drilling screws can help to solve some of these issues and BS Stainless can supply these essential components in a game-changing format made using two types of steel.

Self-drilling screws are referred to by various names including stitching screws, roofing screws and Tek screws. At BS Stainless, we can supply self-drilling screws made from Grade 304 stainless steel which feature an innovative point made using hardened carbon steel.

The hardened points of these screws act in a similar way to a drill bit and are thus able to cut directly through a stainless steel sheet. They can be used for up to two sheets of stainless steel with a thickness of 1mm each for a total thickness of 2mm and are also suitable for use with Grade 316 cladding or sheet.

The natural corrosion resistance of these stainless steel Tek screws is further enhanced with a silver slide coating. In addition to providing extra protection against damaging corrosion, the coating also works to reduce screw-in resistance, making the job easier and quicker. All in all, the screws offer much improvement as compared to Grade 410 stainless steel or carbon steel screws, both of which are susceptible to corrosion.

Bi-metal self-drilling screws from BS Stainless are designed to deliver a durable solution and are revolutionising metal fabrication right across Europe and beyond. By drilling, shaping the thread and tightening all in one single, fluid process, the screws provide exceptional time-savings and related lower labour costs.

We can supply these innovative screws either with or without EPDM-bonded/­polyamide washers. A full range of head types is available including pan head square slot, pan head Philips, hexagon and hexagon slotted. If required and subject to minimum quantities, BS Stainless can supply bi-metal self-drilling screws coloured with a powder or liquid coating for aesthetic or colour-coding purposes. Diameters range from 3.9mm to 6.3mm and lengths range from 12mm to 50mm.

All of our bi-metal screws undergo extensive and diverse testing and quality control procedures to ensure premium quality. Find out more about these procedures on the product page and do not hesitate to contact our expert technical team for further information and advice.