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Bi-metal Screws Triangle Fastener Corporation


Triangle Fastener Corporation recently announced the availability of a full line of 304 stainless steel bi-metal self-drilling screws. 

Bi-metal screws have heads and threads made of 304 stainless steel providing exceptional corrosion resistance and ductility. A hardened carbon steel drill point welded to a stainless steel body, which allows the screw to drill and tap steel up to ½” thick. 

These screws are used to attach aluminum, stainless steel, insulated metal panel (IMP) and when ductility is needed in the connection.

•In-stock for immediate shipping
•Available in #12 and ¼” diameters
•Drill and tap up to ½” thick steel
•Lengths up to 12” long
•Head styles include hex washer head, pancake head, and button head
•With and without EPDM Bond-Seal™ sealing washers
•Can be painted to your exact color

For more information, visit www.trianglefastener.com.