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Drywall Screw, Gypsum Screw, Plasterboard Screw

Drywall Screw, Gypsum Screw, Plasterboard Screw

SINOAN Article Number:F10032085
Surface:zinc plated Cr3+ ,Phosphated

Product Details:

Drywall Screw, Gypsum Screw, Plasterboard Screw

Drywall screw is always used for fastening sheets of drywall to wall studs or ceiling joists. Compared to regular screws, drywall screws have the deeper threads. This helps prevent the screws from being dislodged easily from the drywall. Drywall screws are made of steel. In order to drill them into the drywall, a power screwdriver is needed. Sometimes plastic anchors are used together with drywall screw. They help balance the weight of a hung object evenly over the surface


Drywall screws tend to be brittle. Rather than bending, they can snap. Drywall screw heads are especially prone to cleanly breaking off, leaving the shaft section embedded in your wood. No screw extractor can remove a headless screw.

  • Coatings: Black drywall screws have a phosphate coating to resist corrosion.

  • Sharp point: Some drywall screws specify that they have a sharp point.

  • Bugle head: The horn head refers to the tapered shape of the screw head. This shape helps the screw to stay in place and does not completely tear the outer paper layer.


  • Coarse Thread Drywall Screws :Coarse-thread drywall screws work best for most applications involving drywall and wood studs. But the wide threads are good at gripping into the wood and pulling the drywall against the studs.

  • Fine Thread Drywall Screws:Fine-thread drywall screws are best for installing drywall to metal studs. But coarse threads have a tendency to chew through the metal, never gaining proper traction. Fine threads work well with metal because they are self-threading. 

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